5 Simple Ways to Look and Feel Put Together

Thursday, 12 January 2017

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 We are finally getting into the fun stuff! In today's post my goal is to talk about why our appearance is important. As woman we are constantly being compared to ''unrealistic'' beauty standards, which cause us in turn to be competing with one another. This foments jealousy, envy, hatred, low self-esteem and other unkind attitudes. In order to break that mentally, we have to do a few things. Number one, love yourself, inside and out. Two, accept that woman come in all shapes and sizes, having different strengths and coming from different adversities...all beautiful. Three, there really is a different between girl and woman. Girls compete with each other. Woman empower one another. Maturity is part of your personal growth and will only come with time. 

These three point are pretty self explanatory but I will go into them in detail individually in other posts afterwards at a later time. Let take it slow and begin with number one, loving yourself. You might be asking yourself how can I learn to love myself or I'm pretty sure I already do? Some of us are moms, busy as ever with our day to day responsibilities. No time to do makeup when kids need diaper changes and food am I right? Others are young adults who are longing to find themselves, filled with insecurities, and the list continues all while being bombarded with images of the perfect woman at every turn. ''How can I ever look like her,'' is something I often think to myself when I see a beautiful woman.'' How is she so put together?'' I then excuse myself with '' I bet she isn't even married or has any kids.'' Pushing the blame towards my family for my lack of time or desire and even motivation to look nice. "Who is ever going to check out a mom" or "because I'm married I don't have to impress anymore" are all terrible and unacceptable excuses. 

 Although I still have those days, slowly but surely my way of thinking has changed. So here is my advice to you. If you want want to start to have a different perception of yourself. Change doesn't happen overnight, although the decision to change does. If you want a change in your life you have to be the change you want to see. I often give the example of a mom because I am one and it's something that I myself have struggled with. Looking good and well put together when life with toddlers is such a mess seems close to an impossible task. This isn't true, it is possible. You want to be put together? Well, wake up 10 minutes earlier and make time to put yourself together for the day that is ahead of you. Are the kids in bed? You can spare 5 minutes to give yourself a mini manicure and touch up your hands. Leave a few things ready for the following day.

 Keep yourself on the priority list, you don't have to be number one but you need to be on the list. You have to find and make time for yourself. Let yourself know you love yourself. Do what makes you feel good and feel beautiful. This will help you build self-esteem and  impart that sense of self esteem into the house hold. Learn to treat yourself, read that book you've been meaning to, eat that last piece of cake, go for a walk and have a well deserved break. Doing so will give you the ability to be a little selfish (which is okay), and gain self respect. Casting that to everyone around you. 

Everyone loves a confident woman. A happy mommy equals happy family and that happiness starts within yourself. You can't take of another if you don't taken care of yourself first. So that means no more frumpiness allowed. You may be tired and you have all the right to be, but you don't have to look tired. Physical beauty isn't everything but you have to start somewhere. Because when you look good you feel good. Simple as that.

Here I'll leave you with my 5 simple go to ways to begin improving your outer beauty and looking more put together  on days where you feel far from it!

#1. Makeup! I’m a momma bear of three. I don’t sleep. So I like to conceal my under eye circles. Doing this brightens up my face and makes me look less tired. Concealer always does the trick, you can even add a bit of three point highlighting to your face to brighten up even more!

Add a bit of eyeliner if too. You’d be surprised what a little black line can do for your spirits and confidence. Even a simple look can go a long way and change your mood.
You can do as much as your feeling up to with your makeup. Sometimes I like to add a bit of mascara, just to feel like I tried today.

#2. Instead of point out and settling on your flaws, focus on everything you do like about yourself. We all have something beautiful to be proud of.

#3. It might sound cheesy but a smile truly is the best accessory! When you smile, you tell your brain you’re happy, and thus actually become happier.

#4. Even smelling good, can change your view about yourself. How could something ugly smell so nice, that’s right, because you're not ugly! Convince yourself of what you already know.

#5. Sometimes you just need a good pampering by making sure to take care of yourself. Manicures definitely do miracles for my mood and I’m sure they’ll work for you too.

Even though it shouldn't be this way, people really do judge and treat you by the way you look like first. Sometimes natural and "great" personality isn't enough. Appearances are just as important for yourself own self-esteem as well as having others treat you seriously and with respect. Once you learn to love every inch of yourself, it will radiate from you and enhance your beauty and self confidence. Like I said previously, when you look good, you feel good.

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