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Monday, 27 February 2017

 I had always seen these types of "quotes" on pinterest or instagram but have never found where they come from. Some of the ones I had seen are out of order or no longer continued. So, I decided to recreate them and add a few of my own in hopes that it'll inspire others, just like they have inspired me. I'll be featuring these through my instagram @bytheartofbeingalady. You can also see my post on defining class and other ladylike terms here, as well as view my disclaimer here. These will mainly be a variety of affirmations, guidelines, and quotes to motivate women in order to reconnect with their femininity. I will be doing an individual post on some of the subjects these quotes touch on. Because this series is new, I'll be playing around with the whole look for a while, until I feel satisfied with its layout. So be sure to follow the blog that way you don't miss out on any new content. If you have anything you want me to see, share it with me using the hashtag #beyoutifulart. Follow me on IG 

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