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Monday, 16 January 2017

When it comes to a woman's wardrobe, you can't live without the essentials. They were once popular in between the 1930's-the 50's and again through the 80's. This means they are frequently in style. I'm talking about double-breasted coats! In today's post we are back to the basics. I'll walk you through on how to choose and wear one. 

 Although it's often hard to find in the US, double breasted attire can be found easily through most european clothing brands, such as Ted Baker London. As of late, in fact one of my most favourite designer brands. The term double-breasted refers to a coat or jacket with wide, overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons or snaps.

 How does one go about choosing the perfect double breasted coat? There are several things to consider such as shape, cut, size, material, price etc. So take your time when on the hunt. Let me share with you a few tips I learned when I purchased mine. 

1. Choose A Style That Will Flatter Your Shape
 They say anyone under 5'4 is considered petite, but we have to also consider our build. Thicker figures look best in straight and leaner cuts. Double-breasted coats won't be the most flattering, but it can be accomplished! Simply choose one with a wider belt, this will flatter the thicker waist. 

 Waist isn't everything, you must also consider your stature. Taller woman can definitely pull off an ankle length coat, contrast; shorter woman look best in coats that don't surpass mid shin. Best shop for your climate when it comes to length and material.

 For petite figures, such as myself, accentuating the waist is a must! Choose a coat that has some sort of decorative feature that highlights your waist. I decided to go with an a-line style, with a bit of flare below my waist. It hugs my silhouette and makes me look taller. It's classy, flirty and very feminine. 

2. How Much To Spend
 Decide whether you're buying this coat for everyday use or as a statement piece for your wardrobe. In both cases you want to buy the best you can afford. With that in mind, ensure that you're buying good quality, that will last. To be honest, my everyday coat is actually a burgundy feathered parka from Urban Behaviour. So, I bought this one as a statement piece, but that would also be versatile with the rest of my wardrobe. This is not an everyday coat for me, so I went for a designer brand. Therefore, it was on the expensive side of the spectrum.

3. What Colour To Choose
 No matter the year, every new season comes with new trending colours! You might be very tempted to give into one of these bold trends, but you need to think about this as an investment. Ask yourself, will it stand the test of time? Especially if you're investing more than the average on a coat. If you could afford it, you can always buy two coats, one classic and one bold for a statement piece. If you can't that's okay too! You just have to decide whether you want a classic or trendy look, consider its versatility with your wardrobe. 

4. Shopping
 Before committing to a purchase make sure it fits your needs, and how you like coats to be worne. What I mean by this is to research brands, materials, and fabrics before going shopping. This way you know what you are looking for and can adjust if you need to when you visit a store. Ask yourself, can you fit it over your layers? Not pull under the arms? Has sleeves that fall below your wrist bone? Won't be uncomfortable and ride up when sitting?

5. Comfort & Confidence
 Let me tell you I felt like a million bucks wearing this lovely coat! I never felt more feminine and sophisticated. Confidence is something that you can always build. Everyone is different and not everything is for everyone. Choose a coat that you feel comfortable in and confident wearing. When you look good, you feel good. 

 Now that you know how to choose your double-breasted coat, I leave you with a few more of my favorites from this little photoshoot on how I wore my double breasted coat. A small break down of my outfit. Best of luck on your search for the perfect coat!  Videos are coming soon, in the meantime though, go ahead and follow my blog. I promise you won't regret it! ♡
Ted Baker London | SHANIOpulent Orient embroidered sweater  
 Ted Baker London | MANSII Checked midi skirt
 Aldo | Olilidia Handbag $50 // Keria Pointy Toe Pumps $90
Gerry Weber | Faux Fur Tie Up Collar 

 p.s ♡ Don't feel that you have to spend this kind of money on an outfit, buy according to your budget. All you need is to make sure it flatters you and makes you feel confident and beautiful. ♡


  1. That's so classy Kimii!! I love Double Breasted coats (i have them in different colors and shapes) but you rock this look! Gorgeous and stunning!

    1. Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words!


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