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Thursday, 5 January 2017

First and foremost I'd like to state that this blog is in no shape or form of an "authority" on how to be a lady. There are no rules that say you HAVE to do everything and be THIS type of woman I will be sharing with you throughout this blog. The goal of this blog is to help us become better woman in this world, because of the lack thereof nowadays.

This week, I took the time to ask woman and men I know such as friends, family and other piers to share with me what their ideal woman is, and what makes a woman a "woman" to them. This was actually very interesting. The answered varied more than what you get in a skittles packet. It shocked me what they had to say. It would be stereotypical of me to say that it came to no surprise men just described a woman's physique, but it is true. Not many actually describe woman  intellectually or in any other virtuous trait. This was obviously not what surprised me, but that many of the woman I asked also described their ideal woman through physical appearance. I thought at this point maybe I hadn't expressed my question correctly, so I rephrased it giving examples of what I meant or was looking to hear.

I asked them in detail to give me an example of a woman nowadays who symbolizes strength, truth, kindness, who was a proper role model, etc. The best I got was Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Montgomery. For those who don't know who they are, they were the main actresses who played in the popular 1940's and 1960's television shows I love Lucy and Bewitched. I thought this was interesting because there is such a big time gap between 1960 let say and 2017. That's almost 60 years difference! Has there been no other memorable or outstanding woman in between since? If so, then why can't anyone remember to mention them? Not only that, but if we are all about woman equal rights, feminism, woman independent, breaking the stereotypes that men can also be stay at home dads in the modern day etc. Then why is the perfect woman described as these old time television identities? What did these woman have that modern day woman don't?

Let me tell you, it gets worse... most of my piers and close friends gave me the most bizarre answers towards who were  woman they looked up to. Other than the typical "my mother" the Kardashians were mentioned several times, Scarlet Jo Hanson was another, along with the Jenner's' and Beyonce. There were no authors mentioned, or artists, no revolutionaries or historical woman.

To be honest, I at least expected to here Oprah's name thrown in there, but not even.  As you can see, traits and virtues of womanhood weren't even in the same game. Thus confirming what I had said in my previous post. Today's woman, care more about what's on their face than what's in her brain. And this is saddening. Woman constantly complain about how men and society belittle and objectify them, but we have lowered our standards ourselves and given the world the key to our oppression. If we respected ourselves, others would only be forced to respect us as well. And this is the problem that needs to get fixed. We need to raise our standards once again. Woman like Lucy or Samantha are no longer being raised. Those were the times where woman had manners, edict, morals, modesty, respect for themselves and what they were putting out there. Woman who have stood the test of time, proving that they are role models for today's girls. This needs to make a come back!

Share with me your ultimate role model. Whether she be an author, political figure, artists, etc. And don't forget to subscribe for more.

(I don't take credit for this photograph, I don't know who these woman are, it's a meme I found that is a great example of my point. For those of you who might say "what did that girl ever do to you, maybe she doesn't want to be shared like that." Well, maybe she shouldn't be posting pictures of herself in such an exposing manner on social media then.)

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