The Best Tips When Writing A Love Letter

Friday, 17 February 2017

For some of us, writing comes naturally, we are able to open up like a book to read. For others, it isn't that easy. Many are shy, embarrassed or awfully timid when it comes to manifesting their emotions. It's normal and we all are different. No judging here. Nonetheless, we all feel love and wish to express it. Valentine's Day has come and gone, and as we've always known, you can share your feelings and show how much you love someone any day of the year. Let me give you a few tips on how to write a love letter. Because, everyone likes to know how much they are loved...

♡ Letters are not a thing of the past.
 Back in my day, during my school years, notes and letters were a thing. That's how you let someone know you crushed on them and wanted to be more than just friends. It would seem that today, letters and romantic notes would be a thing of the past. Don't worry about it. The only one you should care about is to whom you are writing your letter too. I'm sure they will love the gesture! Especially since it's a lost custom, they will definitely feel special in receiving one. People love to know how loved they are by their partners or significant other. That desire is timeless. A love letter is what will last and what will be remembered. 
♡ Not all of us have a romantic partner, but that doesn't mean you can't write a love letter to someone you care for and love. This can be your mother, a sister, your best friend, and the list goes on. Some of the most beautifully meaningful letters are written from a friend to a friend, or even parent to a child. 

♡ Don't worry too much about making it sound like a love letter. We've all done it, you know; where you try and rhyme and make the letter sound all inspirational. Then it backfires and we get stuck because it just sounds too sappy and insincere. There are no rules on how a love letter "should" sound like. You can’t really go wrong; don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write like ‘letters of old. Just write what comes to you and what you want your loved one to know.
♡ Since we are talking about getting stuck, here a useful tip. If you do get stuck and you can't decide on what to even begin with, make a timeline. A basic "past, present, and future" outline. Write about when you first met or — even better — the moment you fell in love with them. Share what the person brings to your everyday life. Go over topics about things you’re excited to do (travel, start a family) and your shared dreams. This lets them know that you are there and you're there to stay a while.
♡ Be sure to make your letter very personal! Small details are particularly important to writing a meaningful letter because they make people “feel seen and appreciated.” If you need to, write a rough draft so that it is absolutely perfect.

♡ Borrow quotes from someone else. It's 100% okay to feel a loss for words, and gather inspiration from others. Search for quotes and inspiration that remind you of the person and the feeling you are writing of.
♡ You can write a letter any day of the year, but even so, be sure to make it special. It's okay if you don't have impeccable handwriting, or fancy stationery. Just be sure to make it legible and looking neat. This means, no wrinkly paper! Presentation goes a long way...spray a little perfume on the paper to make it smell like you, or include a few confetti within the folded letter. It's all in the details my friend. This can easily turn into a "ritual." Make it a tradition, say for Valentine's Day, Birthday or Anniversary. 

♡ Personally, I have never, ever, ever in my life mailed a love letter. I always handed them myself to the person it was intended. That being said, I rarely have used the post in general. You can deliver your letter any way you feel most comfortable doing. You can leave it out for you lover to find or you can attach it along with a small gift. Its up to you and your shyness level.
♡  Don't be afraid to open up. The best love letters strike a balance between considerate and uncensored. You should feel really exposed, really raw. You have to feel vulnerable for it to mean something. In a day and age where gestures and details are missed when hiding behind a computer screen of a phone, allowing someone inside and see you as you are, can be everything!

 If you'd like more on how to write a love letter, I can definitely help with that! I can do a whole series on it. I can also recommend this book by Samar O' Shea, For The Love of Letters: A 21st Century Guide To The Art Of Letter Writing.  It's a great read, and can really help on writing many types of letters. Anything from letters of gratitude and crush confessions to breakups and goodbyes. I wish you good luck! Until next time. 

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