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Friday, 10 March 2017

"Vision is merely a dream without action." - Joel Barker

Vision boards are a fantastic way to stay inspired in order to not only set your goals but also accomplish them. It's a fun way to get to know yourself and "put on paper" your thoughts and dreams. You fill them with pictures, clips, quotes and basically anything that inspires you to where you want to go and what you want to be.  The great thing about them is that they can change constantly. Once you accomplish something, you take it down and pin something up that represents your new goal. It’s like as you evolve, so does your board. It’s also interesting to have a visual board that describes what your life is like at any given moment, and who you aspire to become. Always becoming better version of yourself. 

 So, how does one go about creating one? The answer to that will take a bit of time and "research." You not only need to get to know yourself but I beleive in general, you must have knowledge of the law of attraction. Despite your personal beliefs, a vision board does not work without faith that it'll actually work and with you putting in actual work. Some believe in the law of attraction, that energy you put out into the universe (thoughts, words, actions) will come back to you in the same way. In a nutshell, you must envision what you want, believe as though you already have it, be grateful for what you have been given already, and let it go. The universe will guide you towards your goal and soon enough it will manifest itself to you.

 This is the first step you have to take during the process of creating your vision board. Figure out your intentions. You need to ask yourself questions such as; 
What do you want? 
- What do you need? 
- What do you value? 
- Where do you see yourself?
- Who do you want to become?
-And how do you want to feel when those things are made manifest?
 When thinking of the feelings, be sure to choose single emotion words like freedom, peace, joy, success etc.  Write it all down. I like to use a web chart or a type of list to jot down ideas. Think of what inspires you.

 Next you want to be sure you have all of the supplies needed to make a vision board. You don't want anything to stop your momentum and interrupt your inspired mood. Go out and buy what you think you might need, and some. You will need basic things like 
- a board of some sort (poster board, foam board, pegg/cork board) Size doesn't really matter, but I found that small boards worked for short term goals and bigger boards had more room-obviously- to include long term as well.
- glue, tape or pins
- colourful or plain paper
- if you're old fashion, magazines and books (that can be cut up)
- scissors
- printer

 Before you can begin to put together your board, I suggest doing the following. If you're not a pinner, get introduced to pinterest. Create a "digital" vision board. I found that it was an incredibly easy way to make a rough draft of the board you want to create. All you have to do is pin all of your pictures on a "board" and from there either find similar pictures in a magazine or just print them off the site. But you will have gathered everything you want to see on your physical vision board before you begin, right there on your screen.

Then, be sure to find a big enough space to work. You will make a mess, so plan for it. I chose to create on my bed, it's a king size, allowing me to have ample work space, and it helped me get personal and in tune with myself. You can always do it where you are most comfortable, like the floor or your kitchen table. Doesn't matter, what really matters is how you feel. 

 Which brings me to my next step. Get in the mood for inspiration. Before I had begun, I kid you not, I left everything to work with ready on the bed, went for a walk, came home and took a shower, got in my comfy clothes, put a playlist on of songs I love and started to create. Do whatever you have to do in order to relax yourself, have an open mind, get inspired and tapped into your desires.

 Find images and words that inspire you and really speak to you. Think about how they make you feel, and what they mean to you personally. How will they help you achieve your goals. Try to find pictures that make you feel things. Try not to get carried away by what you find and cut up everything to put up or put up pictures that just look nice. No, take your time and really ponder on how you feel when you look at those pictures and read those words. I guarantee you, a vision board without emotional attachment will not work. Your pictures must invoke the feeling under your intentions, then start arranging them on your board. When it feels just right, go ahead and pin them to it.

You can always set aside any images that still feel good but don’t quite fit what you are going for. You can use them in future pages or boards. This is why I also suggest to have a digital board on pinterest. Not only can you make that board on pinterest private/secret, but it allows you gather and visualize your ideas better without wasting supplies and time.
 Be sure not to choose images that send you into compare and despair or that otherwise feel crappy! (One of the biggest mistakes people make with vision boards!) You want to choose pictures that motivate you, make you want to be better, and live a life you will be happy living. Inspiration is key.
 Now that you have put together your board, put it up somewhere you can see and be reminded of your goals. Many feel that vision boards should be a private thing, and decide to just store it somewhere, like a closet to take out occasionally, for "my eyes only" type of mentality. This will not work. You need to see it, and feel some accountability in order to feel compelled to work for the goals you have set on your board. You can place it in your room, hang it in your office or anywhere you will see it constantly on a day to day basis.

 Look at your board and be proud. Be excited for the journey ahead. I suggest to also make a list of the things you could experiment with to start living out your goals NOW. That is the awesome thing about using your personal values to guide you, you can be successful NOW, without waiting for something external to change or the universe to do its thing.
 Be sure to base your list in things that you are actually in control of. If you are already doing things that feel the way you want, make note of that, too. Get as specific as you can and start choosing those things as often as possible. This will get you going on physically working on your goals and being one step closer to achieving them.

 One last tip I want to add, is to always check in with yourself. Look at your board, and change it up from time to time, especially when you've achieved something on it. Be sure to take it down, and put something new on. Make adjustments and fine tune as often as needed. While on your journey, ask yourself how things are going. You must trust and have faith in the process. If you can dream it, you can do it. 

 I also have to say this, my board isn't hidden nor in plain sight, but it is noticeable. Many feel the need to ask about it when they see it. Some are judgmental, others ridicule the thought of a "higher mystical law" and some think it's a great idea and end up try it themselves. Be sure to not take in any negativity towards your board. Have courage, and convince yourself that good things will follow when you work hard for your goals. Anyone who ridicules them, aspire to nothing themselves and should pay no attention to. Your vision board applies and has significance only to you and no one else. Don't feel obligated to have to explain it to someone. But if you're like me and don't give a care about what others think of me, go ahead, dare others and encourage them to do it too.
"All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney.

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