Raising Strong Girls

Thursday, 23 March 2017

 There are many different ideas about how to raise a little girl. “Who wants to be a princess, when you can be an astronaut?” is a quote I once read a long time ago. When I finally had mine, there was no doubt she was indeed our little princess, two years later and she still is. Having little girls is such a blessing,… AND a curse, just kidding, no I’m not, am I really though? 

 I want to teach my girls that there is nothing wrong with being a girl. That femininity is beautiful. That they should embrace their womanhood. It’s my duty to teach them of their divine nature, and true nobility. I want to teach my daughter, that she can accomplish anything in this world. That she is allowed to dream, to love, to be loved and to be happy. I want to raise girls who know their soul is precious. But, we must guide them, and teach them the qualities, attributes and behaviours of not only being a woman, but also that of a good person. Girls who have the courage and valour to choose righteousness in a world that would mock others for virtuous choices.

 In order to raise good future mothers, sisters, wives, and functioning, respectable, confident modern woman, it all starts with the basics. Teaching them values, standards and of their worth. We must keep the class in the society that is quickly losing it, and raise our girls to be women other can look up to.

 You CAN be strong, intelligent, different, and beautiful all at the same time. 

 Here’s to strong wom3n. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

p.s. Here's a a little photoshoot of Samantha's Tea Party taken by Historian Photography. And a special thanks to Sprinkled Cakes Company for the beautifully delicious strawberry cake! I hope you enjoy them!

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