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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hi there Bellas! I wanted to take out the time to first of all welcome all the new faces I'm seeing on the Beautifully You Instagram. I was recently featured by the Mari Kondo IG (creator of the KonMari Method) account and so I'm glad to see more woman like myself joining this journey of personal discovery. Thank you for all of your support!

 Secondly, as many of you may have noticed I didn't post a video last week on the channel. Now I don't want you to think anything to drive you away. Simply, I had some technical difficulties with a new mic that I bought. I had recorded a video with no sound. Apart from being devastated that an awesome video went to waste, I was very frustrated with this piece of equipment and didn't want to move on until I had resolved the issues. Luckily, I did, and we are back on track with the filming schedule.

 Now that we are talking about the filming schedule, I have a few new updates I'd like to share with you about it. So, as I mentioned before I had written a blog post on the KonMari Method which was feature on her official Instagram account. It's my second most viewed post! It makes me so happy, that people are actually interested in what I'm posting. These are small victories for me but victories none the less. Well, because of the amount of interest in the topic, I've decided to create a Series on the Youtube Channel called: The Konmari Method| Konverting. This series will include an introductory explination on what KonMari is, as well as Vlogs documenting my whole processes and the "Konverting" of my home ending with my experience and how-to hacks. I post weekly videos every Wednesday, but I'm adding a new day to the schedule. This series will be posted every Monday as well! This is a temporary schedule but if I see a lot of interest on Monday Series Videos, I'll consider keeping it around.
Other Series I have in Mind:
- Fitness 21 Day Challenge
- Minimalism Challenge
- Making of a Cosplay

 I've also decided to add new segments to the channel. Because, I want to be 100% myself through this channel, I thought that maybe I should share a passion of mine with you. It's most definitely what sets me apart from others. It's what makes me...well, me. My love for Asian pop-culture! So I cleverly will name this segment, " Dose of K." Why? Let me explain. My name starts with what is obviously the best letter in the alphabet. K, for Kimberly.  I love all things Korean, and Kawaii (Cute in Japanese.) This segment will include everything from but not limited to; K-Dramas, K-Music in general, Asian Beauty, Anime, Cosplay, Decoden and much more! I do have a passion for this type of content. I'll also be including a gaming segment which is still in the planning stages, but you can definitely expect to see that soon.

 Having taken a good look at my social media analytics I found that there is a very big range of viewership and followers across my platforms. There is really no way to pin point who is watching the most. Even though I post the same things on all platforms the viewership is polar different in all of them. This is what has led to the decision on posting a wide variety of content, and really find a sweet spot for my channel. I do wish to make something for everyone. Beautifully You's mission will remain the same, but I would like to share with you more of who I am as well. If you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to leave me a comment!

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