Due to the unexpected progress Beautiful You | The Art of Being a Lady has had in the short amount of time it's been running, I felt the need to put out this disclaimer.
I must say that anything I post aren't RULES in the technical sense of the word. The content I'm creating is just based on topics, behaviours and attributes I believe that our mothers taught us- or, at least, should have taught us- about being a functioning, respectable modern woman who other young girls can look up to being. It's not about putting restrictions or limits or even rules on anyone or their lifestyles, it's about keeping the class in a society that is very quickly loosing it. People misunderstand what it MEANS to be 'classy'. You can only go by your actions and your words- and if you throw the idea of class and lady-likeness to the wind because of some notion of ultra-feminism or sexism that takes offense to ideals and basic morals; well, then, wearing robe doesn't make you a monk. You can do what you choose, no one has said that you can't, but my mother taught me better.

 I feel the need to have to say this because I know that eventually people will try to badmouth this blog. I have made it very clear in previous posts I don't believe I'm an authority on what it means to be a real woman. I'm simply sharing my knowledge and opinions. I love everything about this blog, and how much fun I have creating content for it- it shows me that I'm not soldiering this 'keep calm and be a lady' battle alone in this modern day. Thank you so much for all those who are encouraging it

p.s If there are any topics you feel I haven't addressed yet and would like me to touch on, please leave me a note in the comments below. I'd be happy to fulfil requests.

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